Rethinking Possibility In Your 30s

If your 20s is about idealism, I would say your 30s is about realism which can be disillusioning. But, it doesn’t have to be. It can easily become a slippery slope towards cynicism that has you living your #worsenightmare versus being blissfully basic and living your #bestlife.

Without the power of reflection that aging offers, known as intellectual depth, a younger me found the concept of midlife crisis, rather, funny? Since we’re now living longer and are obsessed with being young, this term seems to have evolved to quarter life crisis since my childhood. 30 as they say is the new 20. Or is it?

While the video has some powerful points, if you’re in a bad place or a late bloomer it could also reek a bit of doom and gloom that if you don’t set yourself on the right path in your 20s you are sort of fucked for life which is disempowering for someone who may already be seriously lost or struggling. Why are we so obsessed with achieving benchmarks at certain ages instead of seriously committing to however long it takes to be killer?

I was there and if I had seen this when I was renting an apartment for $350 dollars a month with a detached bathroom down a flight of stairs that featured frosted glass as privacy for showering by a shared entryway, with no hot water for the utility sink, well as I biked around trying to return my metro cards for the 10 kuai deposit (literally $1.5) because I didn’t have any money left at 26 having been paid late once again, I don’t think I would have felt empowered to get my shit together, I think I would have just given up and crumbled. I was trying my best to make it, but getting fucked pretty hard by life along the way. So, it goes without saying I much prefer this article that poises the question What can we learn from people who succeed later in life?

Anyways in 2013 I finally got the “big” job at a multinational company (which is often shortened to MNC) which is just a fancy way to describe businesses with offices in multiple cities and countries, finally I was being paid decently. In 2016-2017 I focused on job progression and forgot to keep my eyes on the prize, my career. If you don’t know what I mean you can watch this video I previously posted.

But, then I got into a bit of a funk, worked with a career coach, worried nothing would change and now I find myself at the end of the year realizing that by just going back to my ‘fingers in many pie strategy’ and ‘let’s try and see what happens’ I used in my early twenties that I used to get my current job, the ball is starting to roll. Instead of drinking career Kool Aid I could simply use what I learned to create a better iteration of 2010’s blog 1.0 for the fifth or so attempt at blog 2.0 in 2018 in quest to find what’s next.

So now that I’m on vacation but don’t have anything super inspiring striking my fancy I keep repeating my shift in strategy to myself. I am even writing it down, repeatedly in different forms so I can be more expansive in exploring possibility. I guess it’s like public accountability or whatever. And who knows maybe my personal reflections will make you reflect on your past and if you’re in a slump, how you can get out of it.

Since I tend to look for new things to read any time I have down time to get new ideas, I did manage to find some good articles to keep me thinking about how to maintain momentum for discovering and moving towards what’s next. Here’s my latest finds below:

How to Pick a Career (That Actually Fits You), Wait But Why I didn’t read the whole thing, but I enjoyed to the lo-fi illustrations and storytelling

Learn Something New with recommended breakdowns you can click through categorized as general, technology, language, creative, business, music, extra and local. I a big fan of the idea of combinatory play for creative breakthroughs, so I often try to learn new things for intellectual stimulation, sometimes understanding A helps you articulate B better and by having a wide range of interests as well you tend to be a more engaging conversationalist. Who wants to speak to a dud?

Towards Data Science which has articles about data science, machine learning, programming, visualization and AI. I really think tech will be an essential skill of the future and due to the industry’s earning potential I definitely would love to up skill in the field. Can a fashion bitch make it? I don’t know but if their motivation is having more cash to be more fabulous, probs (sort of kidding, sort of not)

8 TED Talks that basically equal an MBA, Ladders I skipped Sheryl Sandberg’s talk. I’m kind of sick of gender. Yes the odds are stacked against me, I already knew that from being Asian. I don’t think I should approach my career as a woman just because I have a vagina. If anything with my Asian face I have had to tone down my assertiveness to be gender and culturally appropriate which is already a big compromise, so no thanks, I am going to skip thinking about gender or race as a midlevel professional. It just puts me in a low power pose and right now I’m trying to level up hard. Also, I don’t mean to be mean but I have to seriously question the headline. Sure it’s clickable but I don’t think it’s in any way shape or form true. No one is going to take you more seriously because you watch TED videos, but people will definitely take you less seriously if you think watching them is the equivalent of a MBA. That being said several of the videos were super on point.

So, with that my real point was that in your 30s don’t get crushed by some shitty experiences in adulthood, as one person in 7 billion you have experienced an infinitesimally tiny portion of the world’s total human experiences on life. 0.0000000001 % ? which is not at all generalizable, me, you, we, all still know essentially nothing about life. Instead grab your curiosity by its balls and silently think about how you’re going to make the doubters eat your dust in 2019 and beyond.