Welcome To Selective Attention


Although I wish it could end there, I can't really hope to live up to this iconic Jerry Maguire moment... so I guess I should write a brief introduction before jumping into things.

I've generally covered the story about how this blog came to be in the site's About section, so if you are curious you can read it there.

To be perfectly honest though, I don't have the content plan entirely worked out for this just yet. The general idea is to replicate my original blog Shanghai Style as a more grown up publication.

I will be writing about my broader professional interests that have shifted beyond fashion (due to my age and the changing macro economic environment, which points towards episodic careers and the need to future-proof your market worth by adding some chameleon generalist abilities to your skill set deck).

So... while it's definitely a move on from my romantic, creative and cheeky 20s, I guess we've all got to grow up sometime. I am hoping this creative learning exercise will help me further improve my writing while developing a broader industry depth of knowledge around market research and consumer insights. Ideally the end result will be thought provoking content for you, the audience. :)

Here's to a tentative step forward that will lead to doors unknown.