Who & What: My Target Audience & Content Plan

Why, hello! I recently got back from a work trip so I haven't had time to write. 

But, I've been thinking about how I can be more regimented about posting. So... I decided I'd try to make myself publicly accountable by sharing my target audience and content plan. 

I've decided my target audience is anyone who currently works in or aspires to work in foresight, market research, market intelligence or management consulting across verticals along with would be future entrepreneurs. Though it could be anyone really who is intellectually curious. :)

Aside from when inspiration strikes, for my content plan I was thinking to write the following series:

Industry Look focusing on a specific industry of interest, where it's at, what you need to know to build foundational knowledge or as I progress, industry specific trend pieces

Tested me trying real world products or services which could include both consumer and business offerings

Culture Vault for a variety of creative business fields, product designs and industries you need a certain amount of referential knowledge, through this series I'll explore a key idea in-depth or highlight some of my favorite places to shop for inspiration 

In Conversation With will include original interviews with professionals who are willing to share their personal stories, experience and knowledge. I truly believe each individual's narrative is one of the most powerful data sets out there

It's A Wrap monthly round-up pieces covering fashion, retail, publishing, China, tech, finance and culture