In Conversation With Market Researcher Mireya Arteaga

Based in California's San Jose city but working in San Francisco, Mireya Arteaga is a freelance research profession who is currently Research Director for Magna Global. Having joined the company in January, Mireya mentioned she is loving her role.

Having spoken at a conference recently she kindly shared her bio which provides a great overview of her work experience. 


"Mireya is a research director at Magna Global where she tests the effectiveness of new advertising products and strategies to help marketers make better media buying decisions. She has extensive experience running both domestic and international research studies related to Virtual Reality, Connected TV (CTV), advertising best practices, and brand engagement. Mireya has worked with Verto Analytics, Nielsen, Kantar Millward Brown, YuMe, Ipsos, Isobar, and Interpret, LLC. She holds a bachelor's degree in Economics from UC Santa Cruz."

Keep reading below for her input about her career, work day, industry trends she watching and her favorite places in San Francisco.

Could you tell us a bit about your career? How did you transition to market research?

I was a freelance data analyst for about a decade prior to managing research studies. I worked in a variety of industries which included financial, gaming and bioscience. About three years ago I applied for a job to work in research management and it was love at first sight. I was mentored by Paul Neto, (now VP at Milward Brown in Canada), and when he left our company I was given opportunity to manage the research department. It was a difficult transition as I was the only employee in the department, but I had the support of other teams as well. It was a steep learning curve and I loved every challenge. This year, had the great fortune to transition to freelance work again and land a position managing research studies at Magna. Working with a team on an international scale every day is exciting. I have found my niche in life and I intend to work in research for the rest of my career.

What's a day in the life or week of your current career like?

I love this! Every day falls into the following tasks:

1. Morning:

1. Project management: This is the bulk of any researcher’s day. Every morning I go through each study and review where we are and where I want to be by EOD. I review timelines, read and respond to emails, negotiate pricing, track down deliverables. Although this continues throughout the day, mornings are where I get reorganized and set the goals for the day through listing tasks by urgency.

2. Mid-morning to afternoon:

1. Meetings: Both internal and external meetings to manage workflow and set expectations on deliverables. The team I am on works as a group for all studies, so we are all expected to manage our own studies but can rely on everyone on the team to pitch in when times are tight.

3. Afternoon to EOD:

1. Study design, data work: This is the time of day when I usually sit down and perform the more hands on part of my job. If a study is underway, I work on pulling data for a storyline. If a study is about to launch, I spend hours reviewing test cell design with our SVP. If we are in the midst of creating a new study, sometimes I just sit and think and write notes on a scratch pad or chat with a team member. That time to sit with the idea and think of what we are really trying to say is invaluable. The execution is much faster if the idea is fully formed before any study design is undertaken. I try to follow the measure twice, cut once edict.

4. EOD:

1. Review of day: At the end of the day I review what is outstanding and clean up my notes for the day. Often I will send out final emails and send a request for review if I feel the task needs a new set of eyes.

Industry wise, what trends are currently happening in your sector that you find interesting?

Voice assistants like the Amazon Echo and Google Home are carving out exciting new entertainment categories, such as voice response games via the Echo. With this new media comes a brand new type of consumer interface. We are witnessing the dawn of a new means of communication and entertainment and I am looking forward to seeing how research companies respond to this new touchpoint.

You're currently work in San Francisco, what are some of your favorite places to go? 

Finding good cafes is my number one life goal outside of research and reading books. I love Atlas Cafe in the Mission [district] for good salads (beet especially), and Craftsman and Wolves for pastries. I live in San Jose so anywhere on the way to SF is fair game. Cafe Barrone in Menlo Park is my all-time favorite place for excellent chicken salad and huge carrot cake slices. Top it off with a visit to Kepler’s Books and I am set!

To get in touch with Mireya find her on LinkedIn