In Conversation With Market Researcher Eric Msombo Wa Msombo

Based in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Eric Msombo Wa Msombo is a Field Manager for Sagaci Research a full service market research firm focusing on market intelligence for the continent of Africa. Eric shared a bit about his role, his favorite part of his job and what changes researchers should be watching for in the DRC. 


You are currently a Field Manager at Sagaci Research, could you tell us a bit about what the role entails? 

As Field Manger in a research firm I do the following:

1. Recruitment of agents according to the nature of project

2. Training of agents

3. Logistics of movement of agents in the country or region

4. Field monitoring

5 . I'm in the field everyday for control of data collection so we can have quality data for clients

6. As a Field Manager I'm assisted by team coordinators who supervise 4 agents in a project, we can have four to five teams it's depend on the nature of study.

7. Finance and administrative tasks during the field study, for example - apply for legal documents, contact local administration and brief them about research.

What's your favorite part of your job?

My favorite part is when the project is closed without incidences as my field regions is Bukavu and Goma, they are war-zone in the Democratic Republic of the Congo due to minerals. I'm happy when analysis is done and the client is happy with the outcome.

How has being trilingual helped you with your market research career?

It's an advantage because more clients are English speaker so I don't have a problem writing my reports, for oral communication it's an asset for me and helps me keep my job. In addition I can speak four mothers tongues and ear 14 of them as the the Democratic Republic of the Congo has 455 tribes.

What trends are happening in the Democratic Republic of the Congo that you feel market researchers should be watching?

For now DRC is recovering, if we will observe transition of power after election this year end DRC will be huge for market intelligence for manufacturers and or investors. As a researcher I do understand that we have to influence changes on regulatory to give development room. 

Do you have any books, sites or classes you've taken that you'd recommend for aspiring market research professionals?

Qualtrics, What is a survey

To get in touch with Eric find him on LinkedIn