In Conversation With Market Researcher Kushal Arora

Based in Mumbai, India Kushal Arora works as a Senior Manager of Knowledge and Marketing at social media intelligence company Germin8. Kushal shared a bit about his current role, trends in his market and what skills are needed to excel in the field.


Could you tell us about your current role? 

In my current role, I overlook customer success managers who've been assigned to enterprise level customers. They are the caretakers of those brands' online reputation management and any campaign or crisis monitoring and reporting. I tend to supervise them and ideate ways to help them deliver client expectations. I also take care of any ad-hoc social media research projects and digital audits, wherein we help assess the effectiveness of brand owned social media properties.

What's your favorite part of working in market research?

Every new digital research project forces to learn new things, about a previously unknown or not-that-well-known service or product category. This way, each project is new in itself which thus makes it exciting for me.

What trends are happening in India that you feel market researchers should be watching?

The trend about actual relevant and comprehensive conversations happening outside mainstream social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. For instance, forums, blogs, even YouTube has a lot better content to study and analyse as opposed to conventional chatter on Twitter and Facebook which is too shallow for the most part.

What kind of education, skills or research methodologies do you feel are essential for entering and progressing in this field?

Research methodologies can be learnt while being on-the-job. However, command over language, ability to grasp people's intentions through their online writings, attention to detail, willingness to learn and ability to think from a 100-1000 level view is what, in my opinion, are essential to people entering social media research field. 

Do you have any books, sites or classes you've taken that you'd recommend for aspiring market research professionals?

I don't have a specific book or a course to recommend. Most of what I've learnt is while being on the job or having read blogs, news articles or LinkedIn posts.

To get in touch with Kushal find him on LinkedIn