Music Collective Yeti Out On How They Got Started, Their New Fashion Brand And Top Travel Picks

Founded by brothers Arthur and Tom Bray together with Eri Ali, Yeti Out has become one of the best known DJ crews for youth nightlife and fashion marketing activations in Greater China.

What started out as a party-promoting music collective has evolved across several verticals. Selective Attention caught up with the founders to chat about their new clothing brand launch, how they made the crossover into fashion and their favorite spots to visit while traveling for gigs.

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Could you tell us a bit about your music collective?

Arthur: Yeti Out was formerly named Yeti in the Basement, a music blog-turned-party series founded in the pre-Instagram era. Eri and I met on Myspace circa 2006. We then lived together during our University years in the UK, and founded a few years later.

Eri: We were going to so many club nights and raves every week, and wanted to document all the madness. Having a blog also meant that we could blag press passes and guestlists – we didn't sleep much back in those days.

Tom: ...We don't sleep much now!

Arthur: Yeti in the Basement then became a party in East London, taking over basements in Dalston and Shoreditch. In 2012, I moved back to Hong Kong and Tom to Shanghai, and we revamped things as Yeti Out. In essence, the Yeti left the sweaty London basement and returned back to Asia - an analogy which reflects our own journey back to China. We wanted to bring the same vibes to these cities, so we continued booking artists and throwing club nights. With Eri in London, Tom in Shanghai and myself in Hong Kong, Yeti Out expanded to become a booking agency, planning EU and US artists' tours around Asia.

Tom: The family also grew. Yeti Out is now a crew of DJs, graphic designers, photographers and editors, with a record label titled Silk Road Sounds and a number of subsidiary club nights: Yeti: Disko, South Canton Soul Train, Mean Gurlz Club and United Airwaves.

You’ve recently launched a brand. How did it happen? What inspires the brand’s designs?

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Arthur: We've been doing flyers and artwork for so many years, so last year we started a brand as just another medium for us to share our visual identity. Hedonism, self-indulgence, late nights & early mornings are some of the aesthetics of the brand, alongside early 2000 rave flyers and visuals from the dial-up internet era which we grew up on.

Where can we buy the product?

Eri: We release limited piece on our online store and sell collaborations at our parties and pop-ups.

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Late last year Yeti Out collaborated with Coach for its Shanghai fashion show, launched collaborative product with Under Armour and regularly DJs at fashion events. Could you tell us a bit about how your crew crossed over into the industry?

Arthur: We've always had one foot in fashion, I used to work at Hypebeast and Tom's consulted for Dior and Nike. It's nice to be able to turn our ideas into reality with the help of another brand's expertise and resources.

Tom: For Coach, we connected with British creative director Stuart Vevers over a shared love for The Hacienda, so the rave-inspired capsule felt very natural, while the Under Armour collab stemmed from a Yeti & Friends Boiler Room party we did in Hong Kong.

Eri: We have a lot of friends who also have brands, so really, the fashion week parties are just an excuse for us to catch up and have fun!

Although you guys are based in Shanghai, you regularly travel for gigs. What are some of your favorite shops, restaurants, bars and clubs by city?

Eri: Oil is a sick club, Beam Bangkok too. For food, Supanniga in Bangkok L'Avant and Chicken N Sours in London.

Tom: In Shanghai, my favourite club is ALL, then ArkhamLe Baron and Dada too. For food, i'd recommend Spicy MomentDi Shui Dong (Hunan Cuisine) Old Jesse (O.G. Shanghainese cuisine).

Arthur: My favourite club is still Blackmarket in Manila, because it’s so ratchet. As for dive bars, it's got to be between Cha Cha Lounge in LA or Bridge in Tokyo.  Food: 5th floor curry in Chungking Mansions, Hong Kong. Oh, and Felix in Venice Beach.