In Conversation With YSM8 Supper Club Founder Poonam Dhuffer

Selective Attention caught up with Poonam Dhuffer, the founder of London based supper club YSM8. Since the events look like a lot of fun, we asked Poonam to give the low down on YSM8.


What is YSM8?

YSM8 is a supper club event series all about celebrating vegetarian Punjabi food, curating world sounds, and creating affordable events for an inclusive community.

YSM8 (yes mate!) is my motto when I greet my friends. It's what I say when I eat something that is delicious. It's my way of celebrating life - in an energetic, upbeat and positive way.


How did your personal or professional interests lead you to found a supper club?

I left my full-time job to go freelance as I wanted creative freedom to create something of my own.

I’ve always loved cooking, sharing food and stories with people from a young age. It was quite a natural transition.

What has been the hardest part of starting up YSM8?

I was doing a lot of running around at the beginning, looking at venues. Figuring how the logistics of running events. Sometimes you just have to throw yourself in the deep end and have faith in yourself.

And the most rewarding moment so far?

There have been various moments since starting from people complimenting the food, strangers interacting with each other and my talking to my parents.  There was something really special about the last supper club, I remember my Dad saying in the car home, “YES MATE, you smashed it” I laughed and a few tears rolled down my cheek. “ I couldn’t have done it without you or mum supporting me.”

Also in the middle of one of the events my twin brother had to leave early, he text me saying ‘the buzz was decent”.

Lots of people sent me feedback all via Instagram DM.

At the last event, we donated 50% of the profits to Help Refugees charity. It felt rewarding to be helping others in need.

What kind of individuals show up to the dinners?

It’s a complete mixed bag of young creative females and males, parents, friends of friends, neighbours, people I’ve met through IG.

We welcome everyone to YSM8.

How do people find out about the dinners?

At the moment we have only be hosting breakfast / brunches.

Most people find out through Instagram and word of mouth. Hardly anyone connects with me through FB or Twitter.

What are your plans for 2019?

I would love to do collaborations with brands, small business and agencies who align with values and believe in the power of inclusive communities. There will always be a charitable element to our events.