Guest Lecturing for the Condé Nast Center For Fashion Design

A little over six months ago I realized if I were to re-contextualize my current approach to career progression as an investment portfolio it would be woefully lacking in diversification. While I hadn't managed to so clearly articulate this thought, small tweaks I have been making over the last half year or so helped me achieve this now crystal clear perspective. 

In case you haven't read any of what I've previously written let me bring you up to speed!

At the end of 2017 I realized I was in a bit of a rut. Since I wanted to create a career action plan I signed up for 5 sessions with a career coach, after trying some new things I realized I wasn't in professional shape for anything besides my current role. So besides launching this blog in February I have been mulling over many things. 

Two of the things that stuck out while I was exploring included an Inc. article, Steve Jobs on the Remarkable Power of Asking for Help which reminded me of the power of asking and a Medium article (sorry for being a Millennial cliché) 40 Ways to Reinvent Yourself, Stop Feeling Stuck, and (Finally) Find the Motivation You’ve Been Looking For while the whole article was good, this one point stuck out:

Follow the Warren Buffet rule

Write down twenty-five things you want to achieve in your lifetime. Pick the top five. Forget about the remaining twenty and work on those five.

So I decided to step outside of my comfort zone and I asked someone who worked at Condé Nast Center for Fashion Design if I could potentially do a guest lecture which came to fruition yesterday! 

Initially I though the lecture could be in English but after the plan was agreed to the suggested language for delivery was Chinese. Last year I might have backed out but after some long term goal reflection over the last half year I decided, hey why not. I've been in China for 10 years, worked in fashion for 9 and worked in a job that requires some Chinese language research for 6 six years. I've got this. 

The two hour class I presented yesterday probably took 10 hours of prep to put together, from designing the class to taking some LinkedIn classes about teaching and also doing a free practice test class. 

Yes, I think it could have been better and yes I forgot or said a few words wrong but overall the class was well received. The point of this post is more to mark a moment in my professional career, the first time I delivered a lecture for adults and to encourage you the reader to step out of your comfort zone. Sure it's scary but that's where growth is found.

I never thought I would ever be able to give a speech publicly as a lecturer, particularly in Chinese but this year I've done what I once thought was impossible. I think everyone can embrace growth if they practice the power of asking, saying yes and thinking about where they want to arrive at vs. what their afraid of doing. My August post for LinkedIn is definitely going to be about how I got over my fear of public speaking. Ha!