Summer Content Calendar: In Conversation With Market Researchers Series

In February I finally started to seriously work on my second real attempt to build my own media platform. Although I had tried to launch several blogs in between, nothing quite stuck, but this time I feel like I'm going to stick with it. 

It's been a slow start, but after getting the ball rolling I am starting to feel like soon I'll have a regular writing routine. What does that mean? I'd like to see at least one post going live per day. Since I do have a full-time job that involves writing and researching, this seems like a reasonably ambitious way to learn and explore professional interests outside of my current role, without going entirely overboard.

So, I recently posted a message in a LinkedIn group called Market Research Professionals reading: 

Anyone interested in being interviewed?

Hi! I am looking for professionals who are willing to share their expertise in a blog I am working on, if you are interested I would love to hear from you on LinkedIn!

I was basically hoping to do some exploratory research that would allow me to talk to individuals outside of my current geographic context and initially assumed I would maybe (if I was lucky) get around 10 responses.

I was really pleasantly surprised that more than a hundred people responded to the thread and through direct message, that they would be willing to share their time. Lucky me! But, now my staycation is turning into a curiosity fueled working holiday, where I will be slowly writing personalized interview questions. Next time, setting a quota might be a good idea. 😉