Personality Tests, Where The Intellectual A Holes Play

Why hello! It's been a hot minute since I last blogged here. I can't say that my life has been a thrill lately. Married life, gainful employment all make for a rather boring settled life routine of office, home, office, home, office, home, office, maybe somewhere... weekend = errands and I mean errands not out for some hangover food after a booze cruise. Adulthood angst that is career planning is a rather unwanted stalker that keeps making you realize if you don't become a dirty money loving capitalist you might well be broke throughout adulthood, omg when did this sh*t get real? Because your 'talent' alone might not enable you to support yourself in a dignified way that warranted the cost of your college degree. Uh oh. 

Anyway I've been working on my career planning action plan ahead of my last career coaching session. Although the experience has given me a little knock on the wallet, it has been well worth it in terms of helping me get out of my rut of feeling stuck and unsure of what to do next.

So I've been thinking about my strengths and whatever and suddenly though of the OCEAN personality test. It's rather fun, try it here

Here's how I break down. I love the I tend to think of people's feelings which could just as easily be interpreted as a polite way of saying you just as often forget other people's feelings...

Screen Shot 2018-04-22 at 9.51.20 PM.png