Industry Look: Art

I've already missed a day, and right after I was a bit la de da I'm going to write daily. I'm not going to though, I may write a week's worth of posts on the weekend and then schedule the posts to go live on their own once I get my act together... (such is the life of blog moonlighter). 

Anyway type A tendencies aside, I was going to write about art.

I don't know much about art, of course it plays into fashion and advertising for inspiration or as references, but needing to know art for art's sake? I wish the internet was as developed when I was younger so I could have learned more when I had time to devote to "subjects for pleasure". I mean, topics you enjoy learning about for no practical purpose. These days I read so much stuff I don't find even a tad interesting to stay up-to-date on what's happening for work and for career progression (one of my adulthood learning woes), but when do I have time to check out art for fun?

But, during my staycation, in which I essentially loafed around, I found a PBS YouTube channel called The Art Assignment thanks to analytics empowered suggestions. Some of the videos have blurbs below them with sites to check out, there were a bunch I hadn't heard of from work, so not only is the content interesting and easy to understand, it's also comprehensive. 

I also checked out Google Arts & Culture site which I have known about for forever (five or more years?), but since I moved to Shanghai before it launched I guess I never really integrated into my surfing routine? But, I love it so far! It's so intuitive in terms of layout and I'm curious about the 360 videos and art periods that I didn't learn properly in school. Jeez I miss art class, it was one of the only classes I lived for at school along with social studies, history and English lit but not the AP classes because those were horrible. So many essays is really a drag on just reading literature for class. 

Long story short, though this was an absolute gab, after spending so much time on boring junk I need to know, it's nice to fill my mind with beautiful but likely entirely useless referential cultural knowledge that lifts the soul.