Recommend Reading From November

As a trend analyst I spend a lot of my time reading to add to my baseline knowledge for reports or advisory research. It also helps me to see what’s on other companies’ radars and how they are talking about it which will help me think from a broader industry perspective that accounts for a wide variety of angles ensuring my findings are more reflective of market trends.

Seeing how someone else put something together something also lets me think about how I can continue to improve and perfect my own work when I consider their approach.

Anyways my general point is reading not only helps you build knowledge if you have a more expansive or imaginative mind it can also help you generate new ideas on how you’re approaching your own work. If you only read for information rather than to get out of your own mindset I think you’ve missed at least 80% of the point of reading. Literal thinking is dead thinking. Just saying.

So here’s a few things I found in November or that were shared with me that should make for good reads!

The State Of Open Innovation, Luminary Labs

Year In Fashion 2018, lyst

The Future 100: 2019, JWT Intelligence

The State of Fashion 2019, BoF x McKinsey & Company

The Digital Consumer In Asia 2018, Tofugear

(WeChat) Industry Best Practices: November 2018, Curiosity China