Career Planning: Building Knowledge

Last December I finally started to write some articles on LinkedIn around career planning because uh oh, I have arrived at the stage of my professional life. 

To date I've written 'Why Blogging Can Be A Career Move', 'Career Planning: Take A Third Person Perspective' and yesterday, I wrote about 'Creating A Career Action Plan' where I identified six key areas to work on which include:

Credentials / Profile: get more bylines, media quotes, consider finding public speaking opportunities.

Network: maintain active network, do more interviews, consider coffee dates or dinners to learn more about different industries, organize events.

Knowledge: take continuing education classes, read and write more, attend classes and talks.

Storytelling: work on how I talk about myself as a professional, keep LinkedIn and other social channels polished and up to date.

Polish: avoid hipster fashion moments during professional life. Learn more industry specific terminology.

Passion: read, take classes, attend talks or watch content around things that I find personally interesting.

For today's quick and dirty post I've decided to briefly focus on building knowledge although the topic is still rather vague for me. But like all things in life, learning something new is a process. Don't let the intimidating learning curve stop you.

So let's dive in. Although it is understood we need to stay up to date with skills that pertain to our current job and industry, what is often left neglected is our continuing education needs around industries we would want to work in, in the future and the skills we need to develop if we want to progress on the career ladder. Not exactly exciting, but being in professional shape is important.  

While I haven't really decided what industry would be right for me I have tentatively decided on a few job roles and industries that I might be interested in the future which has helped develop a general education plan. While I had already considered pursuing continuing education since I didn't know what I was working towards I hadn't really made any forward progress until I completed my five sessions with a career coach.

Here's what I've decided on for now. I signed up for LinkedIn Learning in April, which after writing my January post, I learned was an acquisition of Lynda. Right now I'm mostly watching their more career oriented content to brush up on my knowledge in that area, but I'm planning on progressing to their business content and technology classes. 

I also found a market research specialization certificate program of several courses offered through Coursera by University of California Davis which I tried a class from. I was going to sign up for an online UAL Fashion Buying And Merchandising course for my current job but I kept having issues logging in and my credit card payment didn't go through so for now that's on the back burner. I also decided pay for membership with Insight Association since my top industry choice for professional growth is essentially an extension of market intelligence into market research.  While it's a slow process, I am happy I stopped being in a rut and started making a small step forward.