Industry Look: Management Consulting

Awhile ago I was thinking about what sort of industries I might want to switch to in the future. Management consulting was one that came up that was a very, very long shot after doing some initial research. 

That being said, for any sort of mid to high level job I do feel a solid general understanding of business is necessary, so it's been an interesting topic to read around. Some of the ideas I've borrowed from in a combinatory way for my current work. When I research I tend to rely on intuition and discovery from literature reviews, environmental scanning, social media and formal or informal interviews to create themes. I then usually do a logic brainstorm to make sure all the key areas are covered. Since I don't naturally excel at left brain activities (this is just for analogy, I keep reading left and right brain has largely been disproven) I do try to actively seek out business perspectives to improve my findings. Entirely uncool but I want to be accurate. Ha. I wonder if anyone even notices 😂. Probs not! 

But anyways on a more serious note, here's a few things I've found that might be helpful:

The Best Management Consulting Firms For 2018 

Case Interviews covers paid and unpaid case interview prep content (this keeps coming up that you will have to have a case interview for management consulting roles) along with a variety of industry specific career topics. There's also a book the site founder has written called Case Interview Secrets: A Former McKinsey Interviewer Reveals How to Get Multiple Job Offers in Consulting

MConsulting Prep offers management consulting specific courses. They also have a YouTube channel with free content. I haven't tried any of the classes yet, but they look interesting for helping improve strategic mindedness. 

Most of the major management consulting companies have free un-gated content that is worth a read too for building expertise around a topic and for checking what good business writing looks like.