A Moment For Obscure Music

I was reading this article a colleague had sent out and how the said piece referred to the Myspace era, hipster love for obscure music, that you probably haven't heard of, as a way to be 'authentic'. What we thought was cool, is now, admittedly looking back, a big part of the hardcore hipster movement. 

Which made me think of Gregory and the Hawk, a Myspace star, you probably haven't heard of,  who was popular among Michigan millennials around 2006. 

We use to listen to Boats and Birds on repeat... I'm pretty sure one of us (my college roommate, though the Brits are always breathing down your neck about us not calling them your flat mate which then really puts you off your thought track, thereby ruining the moment... ugh) bought the cd. CDS!

Listen to the song here until you see a pop up encouraging you to purchase and then click no. Such a good graphic to encourage you to buy as the heart breaks apart.  

Or listen to the Danish guy/group Il Tempo Gigante. I remember finding his music in Michigan the last time I was in the house I grew up in, before my parents sold it during my long self imposed exile in China. I was by the fire place with its brass trims watching YouTube in its full, uninterrupted glory. 

I ended up buying a CD from him, it was getting passe sure, to get them but still ok, okish? He hand packaged the package. I think I still have part of the express envelope somewhere.

I love these songs: